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Message from the President

After 15 years in the Litigation Funding industry,

I created a company to better serve attorneys and their clients in need. Our mission here at Prosperity Claims is to provide firms with a quick and easy funding solution. By creating a company that lifts the stress and administrative burden that typically comes with Pre-Settlement Funding.

With Prosperity Claims we provide a seamless underwriting process where approval and funding can occur with just a few case docs and if necessary, no documents at all. The entire underwriting process will occur in less than a few hours, with little back and forth or requests for additional information. I truly believe that after a few submissions you will come to realize that we have the best underwriting process in the industry.

Our rates are competitive we can match or beat current rates that you may be used to. We offer low admin fees, and you will never see any origination fees, FedEx or wire Fees on our agreements. We will also offer backend flexibility at the end of the case, when necessary. Our goal is to provide your office and clients with first-class treatment on the front end and the back end!

Prosperity Claims is well capitalized so there is no amount too large or too small to fund. We will fund surgeries and living expenses, for clients who have car accidents, slip and falls, med- mal, or any other personal injury case. We will also be willing to consider paying off other funders in the event there is prior funding.

I hope you are willing to join me on this journey and allow my team the opportunity to prove why Prosperity Claims is your best choice when it comes to Pre-Settlement Funding! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or any clients in need, we look forward to working with you.


Rochener Seraphin Jr

President – Founder

Prosperity Claims